Reusable Magnetic Calendar

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Reusable Magnetic Calendar

While researching ways to organize my family for the school year I came across this reusable magnetic calendar.

This dry erase family organizer has a calendar, chore chart, and to-do list all in one that can be put in your refrigerator. Having all of that organized on the refrigerator where everyone is sure to see it is bound to help with keeping everyone in the loop. It also comes with magnetic icons and chalk markers. There are mixed reviews that did mention that the chalk markers didn't erase very easy. That can be both a good and bad thing. I don't like dry erase markers that smudge when I am writing on the board. I would imagine if a damp cloth could help with erasing if it doesn't wipe off easily.

For a busy family, this could help with making sure all of the chores are getting done, keeping a running grocery list or to-do list and seeing what events and appointments are coming up. All of these are some of the biggest challenges in our house so I will take all the help I can get!

I like that a system like this not only organizes the family but it helps kids learn how to manage their time as well!

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