10 Gift Ideas for Teens

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A friend of mine posted on Facebook yesterday that there were only 99 days until Christmas.

So today there is only 98 days.

And tomorrow will be only 97 days.

Time is flying by man!

That means it is time for me to get out my list and start to check it twice.  Or at least get started on the list.  I’ve got teenagers so sometimes the gift giving is a bit of guesswork.  I’ve started to pull together some ideas based on some hints that have been dropped my way already.

Technology and Electronics


3D Printer

Both of my teens are heavily into STEM and designing and building things. My daughter has asked for a 3D printer.  Not only does she think she can use the printer for her robotics club at school but she likes to bake and she wants to make custom cookie cutters with it!    At first I was a little hesitant that the price would be prohibitive but the price on this printer is better than I thought.



External Hard Drive

I’ve been told that having more storage for a video game system is becoming more of a necessity (or so the story goes!). The internal drive of the system can only hold so many games and adding new games would force you to delete older games.  Having an external drive solves that problem.




Spiderman – PS4

On that note video games are always a hit with teens. And the latest and greatest video games are always going to be a hit.  The new Spiderman game for PS4 has hit our list.



Both my kids are big readers and I have always been more than willing to support a healthy reading habit.


Wizard of Oz Bookmark

This isn’t actually a book but isn’t it such a fun bookmark??  This Wicked Witch bookmark would make a great gift for a Wizard of Oz fan and I think my teen daughter would think it is hilarious.



The Outsider by Stephen King

My teen son is a big Stephen King fan. The Outsider came out earlier this year but my son doesn’t have it yet and this book is on his list.  There’s no question that Stephen King is a master storyteller.





War Storm by Victoria Aveyard

My teen daughter has loved the whole Red Queen series as did her friends and even teachers that borrowed the books. The latest book in the series is War Storm and this book is on her list this year.


Other Items for Teens

Personalized Tumbler

Tumblers have been pretty popular for a few years now and it doesn’t seem like that trend is going to go away anytime soon. I loved the sparkle and colors of this tumbler.






Sassy Star Wars Shirt

Too funny! This shirt is perfect for my sassy Star Wars fan. A little bit of sci-fi and a little bit of sass!






Jeep Patent TShirt

Perfect shirt for a teen boy or any Jeep enthusiast! I’ve known a few Jeep enthusiasts and they really do love their Jeeps!






Catan Board Game

Since my son is now a freshman in college he and his roommate have rediscovered board games. Catan is one of their favorites! It’s a strategy game where the players race to settle the island.  Strategy games really appeal to teenagers.





Have you started thinking about Christmas shopping yet?  What items are on your lists?

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