How To Easily Organize Your Kitchen Pantry

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How To Easily Organize Your Kitchen PantryI don't know if there is anyone that hasn't experienced the moment when they realize their kitchen pantry has taken on a life of its own. Maybe you are in the middle of trying to get dinner on the table and you can't find that one ingredient that you know should be in there. Or worse, maybe you found something that was long since forgotten and has now spoiled. The best way to avoid that frustration is to take some steps to easily organize your kitchen pantry.

Supplies Needed

Metal Wire Pantry Baskets

Metal Pantry Can Organizer Rack

Spice Rack

Under Shelf Basket

Chip/Bag clips

Step by Step Instructions

Completely remove every item from the pantry and wipe off all of the shelves

Discard any expired or unwanted food items

Consolidate duplicate items

Group similar items together and put in storage baskets (ex: chips, pasta, etc)

Use can organizer for soups, sodas, tuna cans

Organize spices in spice rack holder to make it easier to see spices at a glance

This is a super simple and common-sense way of organizing your pantry. This method doesn't require a lot of time or monetary investment. Once you are able to see clearly see and find your food in your pantry you'll save money by not buying duplicates or wasting food. If your pantry is out of control you should take these simple steps to get everything in order.

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