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Gift Ideas for her, gifts for mom

Thanksgiving is over, December is upon us and we are fully and completely into the Christmas shopping season.  I’ve been asking my kids to give me a list of things they want.  They are both teenagers and it can be challenging to know what they want sometimes.  Then my daughter informed me that it was equally as difficult to shop for me without a wish list.  She needed gift ideas for her mom.

I have to say it’s challenging for me to come up with a wish list. I wish I could say that I buy things for myself when I need them but that would be a lie.  Like a lot of moms, I put myself at the bottom of the priority list.  If it is between me needing shoes and one of my kids getting shoes I will get their shoes first. So it is hard for me to ask for things for myself. But she asked so I’m going to try my best to come up with some gift ideas not only for my daughter but others in my life that are also bugging me. 🙂

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Instant Pot 

Without question, the Instant Pot is probably one of the most popular gift items for Christmas this year.  What mom wouldn’t want a time saver in the kitchen?  I’m not usually one for a lot of kitchen appliances but the instant pot is supposed to do the job of 7 different appliances – pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, saute, yogurt maker and warmer. My coworker has one and tells me she can cook a roast in a fraction of the time it would take to cook in the oven and that it tastes delicious! Sign me up! 


Gift ideas for mom, kitchen gift ideas, gift ideas for the cook, gift ideas for her

Instant Pot Cookbook

This obviously goes with wanting an instant pot.  I’ll need some ideas and recipes for using my new instant pot and this Instant Pot Cookbook has 500 recipes!

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Black Booties

I am a working mom and during the winter booties are my go-to shoe.  Since I do wear them a lot I do have a tendency to wear them out.  I’m not on my feet a lot at work but I am usually running errands or stopping by the grocery store on my way home. So I really need my shoes to be comfortable.  I like that these booties from JCPenny’s has a memory foam insole and gets good reviews for comfort.  And they look super cute!


Gift Ideas for mom, Cookbook, Gift Ideas for Cook, Kitchen Ideas

Pioneer Woman Dinnertime Cookbook

I’m a huge fan of Pioneer Woman.  I especially love her 16-minute meals and freezer meal ideas.  Somehow I don’t have her Dinnertime Cookbook so this is going on my wish list. If there is one area I’m always needing inspiration for it is figuring out “What’s for Dinner”! 

Jewelry gift, layered necklace, gift ideas for mom, gifts for her

Layered Necklace

I am in love with the look of a layered necklace.  They look delicate while still making a statement.  Elegant and versatile.  This would go with my work wardrobe or an evening out.

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Copper Bakeware Set

I’ve been wanting to replace my existing bakeware with copper bakeware.  I really want to give copper bakeware a try because of the ease of cleaning that I’ve heard about.  My coworker recommended the Gotham Steel copper bakeware because the food didn’t stick and it was easy to clean.  Not much more you can ask for in bakeware than that!


iRobot Roomba, Gift Ideas for Mom, Gifts for her

iRobot Roomba

I know a lot of women don’t like practical gifts for Christmas such as a vacuum cleaner.  I’m actually a really practical person so I wouldn’t mind a vacuum cleaner if it was something I needed.  But a Roomba is more than a vacuum cleaner.  I would put this on a luxury list rather than a practical item. But boy would I love a vacuum cleaner that just roamed around the house and did the work for me.  And I like that this Roomba can be scheduled and controlled with an app from my phone or even voice-activated with Alexa or Google Home.

**** SHOPPING TIP **** Make sure you go through Ebates when you are shopping. Ebates gives you a percentage back if you go through their website first before you order something online.  I’ve used them for years and have earned hundreds of dollars just for clicking through their link first.  Super easy!

I hope this gift idea list gives you ideas for your friends and loved ones.  Happy Shopping!


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