My Best Tip For An Organized Kitchen

I spend a lot of focus on organizing my kitchen. It seems that if my kitchen is not organized, my whole house goes off the rails.  There is no quicker way to chaos in the house than a sink full of dirty dishes.

“Ever look at a sink full of dishes and think, “Why don’t I just bury these in the backyard?” ― Gina Barreca


It keeps you from cooking dinner every night.

It keeps you from packing lunches.

It costs you money.

If you are behind on dishes you might be tempted to eat out than add to the stack of dishes.  This costs you money.  I’m here to tell you the #1 tip to keeping your kitchen under control.

Load and run your dishwasher every night.  And empty your dishwasher every morning.

They say it takes 21 days to form a new habit.  I don’t know if that’s true or not.  But I do know if you don’t start it’ll never happen.

#1  Every night before you go to bed make sure you’ve loaded all your dishes and turn on your dishwasher.  Even if the dishwasher isn’t full.  I’m just as guilty about not turning on the dishwasher because there’s a little room left for more dishes.  And when I give in to that temptation it always comes back to bite me.  Inevitably the next day will generate more dishes than I can fit in that little space.  And then I have dishes that have to wait until the next load.  And before I know it the dishes have started to snowball on me.

If you have a little space look around the house.  Make sure you’ve hunted down every dirty dish that could possibly be hiding in plain sight.  Check the fridge.  Any leftover dishes that need to get tossed?  Then that’s a bonus.  Now you’ve helped out your fridge and loaded your dishwasher! Make every attempt to fill the dishwasher.  If you still have a little room left – turn the dishwasher on anyway.  Every day.

#2  Every morning empty your dishwasher.  Start the day off right and it’ll make your life easier after dinner.

#3 As you use dishes throughout the day rinse the dishes and put them in the dishwasher.

This is one of the simplest ways to bring order to your kitchen.  It sounds too simple. But it’s life changing.

How about you? Do you run your dishwasher every night?


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    Quite revealing….look forward to visiting again.

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