Pantry Organization While Social Distancing

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Well, the world sure has turned upside down in the last week hasn’t it?  The Covid-19 Pandemic has impacted everyone in our nation and the world.  We went from vacationing over Spring Break to coming home to grocery stores running out of toilet paper and everyone maintaining their distance from society.  It’s a crazy time in our history and one we won’t soon forget.

For the past week, I’ve been working from home like many people.  My college student has come home and both he and my high school student are making the transition to online school.  We are eating at home to keep our social distance.  So that is a lot more food for my pantry that we normally buy. It became quickly apparent after our first grocery stock-up that we were going to have to work on pantry organization to make the best use of our resources.

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We pulled everything out of the pantry.  As we did we grouped items together.  We had groups for breakfast items, baking items, canned goods, dry goods and pasta, snacks, bread, and liquid items.  I could see how much shelf space I needed for each group by doing this.  We did find some items that had expired (oops).  Perhaps we were overdue for some pantry organization.

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Now that I can clearly see what foods I have I am planning on purchasing another set of these Better Homes and Gardens Flip-Tite Storage Containers. Specifically, I want to get containers for my Bisquick, pasta and taco shells.  I like these containers because they are easy to use, you can see what is in the container and the are air-tight once you flip the handle down.  I’ll have to order more labels for those containers.

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I also added to my command hook system.  I’ve mentioned this before but I truly like having all my packets secured in a spot where they don’t get lost in the shuffle.  I didn’t want to dedicate precious shelf real estate to a basket so clipping on a binder clip and letting them hang out from a command hook is a system that really works for me.  I added a hook for all the yeast packets I discovered when we were going through the pantry.

As we are staying home more I expect we will all be tackling more projects around the house.  This is an excellent time to get some organization done.  Stay tuned for more ideas!!


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